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31st January, 2018

It was a very busy few days last weekend in Ireland for the Pupscan Team where on we travelled to Cork on Friday to meet Jennifer Dowler of Dogs For The Disabled. Jennifer does fantastic work training dogs who play a very important part in rehabilitating disabled children and adults and we were happy to scan her latest litter of standard poodles. On Saturday we were delighted to be a sponsor of the inaugural Navan Dog Show Super Match in aid of a very worthy charity Scoliosis Ireland. Congratulations to Navan Dog Show for a well organised event. Sunday a Pupscan Seminar was held in the National Show Centre which was attended by IKC President Sean Delmar and Chairman of the Board of Directors Philip Behan who voiced their support of the project. Monday and Tuesday were spent scanning some Golden Retriever, Airedale Terriers and Belgian Shepherd puppies. The Pupscan Team will be back over in Ireland in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime plenty of puppies to scan and a couple of Seminars in the UK.

17th January, 2018

Pupscan are delighted to support the Navan Dog Show Best of the Best Supermatch in aid of Scoliosis Ireland and Temple St Childrens Hospital on 27th January

31st December, 2017

As we head into 2018, the Pupscan Team would like to wish a Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone who has supported the project over the last 12 months. It's been a very busy year for us. To date we have scanned 38 different breeds ranging from Great Danes down to Mini Dachshunds, giving a total of over 1,500 puppies scanned with more litters booked in over the coming weeks. Seminars have been run, many by various Breed Clubs and have been well attended and received, it has been fantastic to see the belief in and support of the project and more dates will be announced shortly for the months ahead. 
The team has clocked up many thousands of miles travelling all over the UK and Ireland and we extend a big thank you to all the breeders and Breed Clubs for their generous donations. We also opened up our new offices in Newcastle where the team meet regularly to keep updated on the project.
Our new Logo is now finalised and Certificates will be issued over the coming weeks to those breeders whose puppies have already been scanned and we thank you for your patience. 
To all those puppies who have been ‘Pupscanned’ to date we look forward to following your progress throughout your life in your new homes and wish you many years of health and happiness. 
From all the Pupscan Team.

29th October, 2017

We are horrified to read an abstract from the ICB (Institute of Canine Biology) Blog about Hip Laxity and Degenerative Joint Disease...dated the 5th Aug 2017 http://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/blog/hip-laxity and the risk of degenerative hip disease...
read the piece about the Dachshund (scroll down the page to find it) and see the results of exerting so much traction to practically dislocate the hip joint.
If anyone in human medicine performed this procedure on a human or a child they would be struck off and possibly even imprisoned. To elicit laxity in the hips of a Dachsund there can be no justification for subjecting the joint to a load comparible to potentially twice the dogs body weight. Looking at the x-rays shown there is no evidence of acetabular Dysplasia and there can be no possible justification for exposing a dog to a potentially crippling injury both of hips and knees under the guise of scientific investigation.
Given the recent statement of Prof S. Dean (ex Chair of the UK Kennel Club and Professor at Nottingham Vet School) in an article entitled 'Health Matters' in the Our Dogs newspaper dated 6th Oct 2017 (UK) where he most clearly stated that the current hip scoring method has NEVER been validated, surely it is time to stop performing these unnecessary experiments on dogs and start reverting to making a diagnosis that is evidence based and provides validation.

26th October, 2017

New Seminar Dates have been added for November in the UK and Ireland here

30th September, 2017

Another very successful seminar was held yesterday which was hosted by the North West Golden Retriever Club, many thanks to the Officers and Committee for their hospitality and for their kind donation.   All donations received to date can be seen here

13th September, 2017

A very busy few weeks scanning around the UK.  Lots of different breeds have been scanned....see here.  We would like to thank all those who have donated to the PUPscan project to date...see here.  

29th August, 2017

We at PUPscan Project are always happy to help good causes in any way we can. Pictured is Pam McKenzie Hewitt from PUPscan who recently met up with David Cowdrey, Head of Policy and Campaigns for 'International Fund for Animal Welfare'.

14th August ,2017

It's been a very busy few weeks at PUPscan as we have been out on the road most day up down the UK scanning puppies, thank you to all those wonderful breeders who have had their puppies scanned.  We are looking forward to three days at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show where there will be a PUPscan Seminar held on each day at 2pm, details can be found on the Events Page.....see you there!

12th July, 2017

PUPscan have been very busy over the last few weeks with scanning and seminars in the UK. Last weekend we were delighted to give a seminar which was hosted by the Great Dane Association of Ireland, in Tullamore, Co Offaly Ireland.
What a fantastic group of enthusiastic and forward thinking people who made the afternoon a dynamic one with a lively and positive questions/answers session which followed the seminar. Thank you to the committee and members of the Club who extended us such a warm welcome and we look forward to scanning your future puppies.

19th May, 2017

More dates of Seminars have been added, details here

13th May, 2017

Another successful seminar was held on 13th May in Kent. Many thanks to Karen Angier and the Committee of the Southern Border Collie Club who hosted the event and for their super hospitality. The feedback from the day has been great. If you or your Club would like to host a seminar please contact Pam on 07500 311900 (UK) or Jean 086 2345460 (Ireland)

"Thank you putting on such an important seminar. I am so pleased to have attended the explanantion about the Pup Scan Project. It was so interesting with all the slides showing different hip displasia and how it will all work. If and when I have a litter it will be something I would do"
Kathryn Milham (Border Collies)

"The Pupscan Project has to be one of the most exciting scientific projects to hit the world of dogs in many years.
When we are constantly being told dogs must be fit for function this projects heralds potentially huge steps forward in that area.
As a breeder of many years I will be wholeheartedly supporting this project in any way I/we can and look forward to the future results that this project will produce !"
Robert Harlow (Border Collies/Australian Shepherds)

9th May, 2017

We had a busy day today where the PUPscan team scanned some Labrador and Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at Newbridge Veterinary Clinic, Co Kildare and some Irish Wolfhound Puppies at Applewood Veterinary Clinic in Swords, Co Dublin.  

Both Veterinary Clinics are now licensed by PUPscan to scan puppies and if you would like to have your upcoming litters scanned please contact us,

7th May, 2017

A successful seminar was held in Dublin on 8th May which received great interest and support from the many breeders attending.

More seminars will be held over the coming months both in Ireland and England, if you or your Club are interested in attending or hosting a Seminar please contact us.

Main photo (left to right):

Chris Krzysztof (Applewood Veterinary Clinic); Gordan E. MacLellan MB BS FRCS (Orthopaedic Surgeon, PUPscan), Pamela McKenzie-Hewitt (PUPscan); Jean Lawless (PUPscan), Paul Lawless (PUPscan), Mary Davidson (Breeder Manager, Royal Canin)

April, 2017

More vets endorse PUPscan as the way forward toward better health 

8th April, 2017

PUPscan Project was delighted to hold its first seminar in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 8th April, which was well attended by Club Secretaries, Breeders and also Veterinary Professionals.

The feedback from the presentation was very positive and encouraging with a lively questions and answers sessions afterwards and support for the research that PUPscan is undertaking.

In the morning, we also had the pleasure of scanning four beautiful Irish Wolfhound puppies and have to thank Applewood Vets in Swords, in particular Chris, who accommodated us.

More seminars will be held over the coming months both in Ireland and England, if you or your Club are interested in attending or hosting a Seminar please contact us.

Main photo (left to right):

Yuliya Dmytriyeva (Newbridge Veterinary Clinic); Sue Hood (PUPscan) Michaela Campbell (Sonographer PUPscan) Gordan E. MacLellan MB BS FRCS (Orthopaedic Surgeon, PUPscan), Petra Tomasovicova (Irish Wolfhound Breeder) Luca Adinolfi (Newbridge Veterinary Clinic), Chris Krzysztof (Applewood Veterinary Clinic), Pamela McKenzie-Hewitt (PUPscan) 

15th February, 2017

PUPscan has now purchased a new generation colour Ultrasound machine to give intense imaging of even blood flowing through veins etc.

17th January, 2017

PUPscan Project is launched in Nottingham, UK on 17th January