Pupscan Project

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The Pupscan Project is collecting as much information as possible to identify the conditions that lead to faulty joint development ('Dysplasia').

Environmental factors begin in utero and we know from human medicine how very important this can be, particularly in regard to nutrition of the mother, medication, toxins (e.g. cigarette smoking) and restricted space for movement of the fetus.

The Ultrasound machines we use to scan puppy joints in the first few weeks of life are, in addition, able to give excellent detail in utero images several weeks before birth. 

We can confirm a successful mating within four weeks as well as giving an indication of the expected number of pups.  This can provide us with a lot of information about the intra-uterine environment which contributes towards the current research.

If we are to get to grips with the problem of 'dysplasia' we must start as early as we can.  

To book a pregnancy scan please contact us as soon as the mating is done:

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